• Black Slacks
  • Boppin’ Rock Boogie
  • Penny Loafers and Bobby Socks
  • I Dig You Baby
  • We've Had It
  • Little Turtle
  • Maybe Baby
  • Late Again
  • Do the Stop
  • Boys Do Cry
  • What the Heck  
  • Beautiful One
  • Bayou Rock
  • Cotton Pickin’ Rocker

  • Blue Bop

Only one LP, Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones, Black Slacks
compiled and edited by the Great Re-mastering Master,      
Steve Hoffman of LA
MCA Label 1983

  • Cotton Pickin' Rocker
  • Penny Loafers and Bobby Socks
  • Number One On My Love List
  • Rocket
  • Let's Go Rock And Roll
  • Black Slacks
  • Boppin' Rock Boogie
  • Maybe Baby
  • I Dig You Baby
  • Late Again


Crazy Mama (1975) Director John Demme- Starring Cloris
"Black Slacks" is featured in this movie

Rescuers Down Under (1990)-  A Disney Movie- Starring John
Candy. Black Slacks’ original track is being performed as John
Candy (Wilbur) is singing along with the Sparkletones.

Cry Baby (1990)-  Director-John Waters-
Starring Johnny Depp.  This was Johnny Depp’s first movie that
put him on the road to stardom.  
Joe Bennett was a consultant for the release of the  DVD in July,
2005.   Joe’s name is in the credits on the Bonus Features.
Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones